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Inventor y Fever is an iPhone app that let's you track you devices which may include computers, printers, laptops or home accessories. These devices can then be assigned to users and locations and vendors which allows you to track who has a particular device. The app also lets you run pre-built queries or build your own query using the query builder.
The free version is limited to a maximum of 5 devices which means you can add no more a total of 5 equipment. In addition to 5 equipment limitation you will also see some advertisements on the Equipment, User, Location and Vendor screens.
To upgrade the application, tap the options button on the Equipment-Category view screen. Once in the options screen click on the upgrade button which will walk you through the process of upgrading the application. After the upgrade process completes successfully you should be able to add more devices and the advertisements should also disappear. Note: Please make sure you have In-App purchases enabled by going to your phone Settings->Restrictions.